Monday, November 22, 2010

Weekly Weigh in....189

I guess I am kind of happy.  :)  I am down .4 of a pound from last week.  Though I do have to say I cheated and stepped on the scale tonight.  I hate I always weigh more.

However, today I exercised.  We did some walking this morning at the mall before grocery shopping.  OUr biggest problem was that Abby didn't want me to leave her side.  Then this afternoon we all (me and SHeldon) Crashed.  Abby had nothing to do with it.  I think I took a 2 hour nap.  SHeldon who wasn't feeling good only was able to get about an hour.

Then later we went for a walk together and I tried to do a little walk a little run.  My left knee started hurting a bit so after a few runs I decided maybe to wait and do some more another day.  So not including this mornings walk I did over 7200.  :)

Calorie wise I did a lot better than other days.  I was trying to do SOuth Beach but ended up eating a little bread and a lot of fruit.  So we will see after this week how it is going.  I am hoping with the walking and overall eating right the weight will come off.

My nephew Caleb is coming to spend a few days with us.  He is 5.  I hope he and Abby will have a ball and play well together and that my exercise doesn't get too far off of track.  My inlaws are coming at the end of December and I would love to be under 180 before they get here.  They are pretty active people and I would like to be able to keep up with them. is todays food journal. 

Monday, November 22


Turkey Sausage Sandwich

3 Pretzels
7 cheese cubes
17 pieces of turkey pepperoni

Salad with boiled egg, brie, dressing (ranch 1 T) bacon (3 Slices), Sunflower Seeds (1 T), ½ pear, grape tomatoes
Chocolate covered raisins.  2 T chocolate chips and 20 homemade raisins
Animal cookies
Exercise…yeah finally did some.  7200 + Steps

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