Saturday, January 1, 2011

Yeah....I am down to 185.6

Hi, It has been awhile since I have posted.  However, I have lost weight...I kept fluctuating between 182 and 185...and here I am in the new year at 185.  The last month has been a bit hard.  A lot of illness going on.  First I wasn't feeling well and might have gallbladder issues (pretty much no grease for me) and then we got a double whammy cold when grandma and grandpa showed up 2 weeks ago.  I think yesterday was the first day we all started feeling better.

Today, I joined the gym and I actually went and worked out.  I walked for about 45 minutes on the treadmill. 

Here is a modified eating journal.....
Breakfast-Turkey sausage sandwich with microwaved hashbrown.  400
Snack/Lunch-homemade english muffin toast w/butter and cinnamon/sugar ?
Another Snack---4 cookies (Homemade--need to look at the calories)
Dinner---homemade cheeseburger on bun and some baked french fries  ???

That is it so far......oh!!!  Also, had a chocolate covered cherry.  Don't think I had any other chocolate.  We have been doing pretty good at keeping the chocolate out of the house.

I haven't put up a pic lately, so I will find a cute one of me and Abby and post it.  I think you can tell a little that I have lost some weight.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Moving on....

It is a continual up and down with trying to exercise and eat right.  I just so wish it got easier.  It feels like one step forward and two steps back--continually.  Abby was sick yesterday and we monitored her eating today, just so we could give her stomach a break.  WOW, was that stressful.  All I felt like doing the last 24 hours was sleep.

We did manage to go and walk around the loop this morning.  Abby tolerated it.  But it did make me feel better.  I should have taken Sheldon's offer up on going around a couple more times by myself. 

Next are a  couple of my goals.
Make my own BLT's.
No eating McDonald's.  (ate there for lunch the other day.)
Exercise.  (We are planning to do our drills tonight.)

Sheldon will be off after Tuesday untill next month.  Hopefully we can workout on working out.  What is nice, is that Abby has 2 weeks left of school.  So we can focus on our relationship for a little bit.

Take care.

I was a bit bummed...I stepped on the scale this morning.  At first it said, 186.7.  I didn't I stepped on it about 5 more times and it said the same thing.  Then 10 minutes later I did it again and it said...189.  LOL  I think the batteries are dieing.  Sheldon will change them out for me tonight.  So tomorrow's weigh in will be what it is.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December 1st...a new month.

I am still being bad about marking down what I am eating.  Probably because I have been holding steady at 189.  However,  I wanted to start doing some "bootcamp" style drills...I didn't think it was going to happen tonight. But my honey pulled through and made me do it.  We ended up doing a short session...jump rope, pushup plank, lunges, and 60 jumping jacks.  Let me tell you those 60 jumping jacks were HELL.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Way off Track...

Today, I ate McDonald's for excuse was that there was nothing in the house and I had to go grocery shopping.  Which I did,now I have tons in the house...but didn't even eat lunch and didn't feel like eating the yummy chili I made for dinner.  Instead I made myself some pancakes and bacon.

SHeldon ate both...An interesting combination, I guess.  I haven't been keeping my journal going like I am supposed to.  So I don't know where I am at for calories today.  Plus, 50 green olives probably doesn't help.  And I haven't excersied all week. 

Sheldon and I are talking about doing some drills together.  But that means I need to set it up.  We are a bit cash poor right now so I am thinking joining the gym in January isn't going to happen as we are also talking about setting Abby up in gymnastics.  I just need to do it.  Walk and day and one step at a time.

Thanks for listening...

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Friday, November 26th

Well, I feel like I am off track as I ended up eating 4 slices of homemade banana/sweet potato bread also has craisins and walnuts in it.  Doesn't that sound yummy?  :)  LOL  It was.  I ended up sticking the 2nd loaf in the freezer for when my inlaws come over.  I am going to double calculate Betty Crocker's calculations as they say it is only 70 calories a slice....I am curious if that is with the otpional walnuts or they didn't give a 2nd calorie calcultion...expect for adding applesauce and egg whites.

My nephew went home today.  We had a good time but it was still stressful as he and Abby didn't play as much together as I hoped and 2 is always harder than 1.  Unless there are 2 mommies around.  My friend Ruby and I had such a great time with the kids.  (Or at least I think we did...maybe she couldn't wait to get away.)  Just kidding.

Here is my calculations from yesterday....

Friday, November 26


Sausage Sandwich

Chocolate no bake cookie

Cheese/goldfish crackers/pepperoni (Turkey)

½ slice of cheese pizza
Salad with bacon and ranch dressing
Coke (2 large glasses)
Homemade Banana/sweet potato bread
Noticed that I felt like I could eat a lot of the bread because I only had ½ a slice of pizza….no, not how it works when you are trying to lose weight.  Though I did put the other loaf in the freezer so I wouldn’t eat more at the moment.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Was definitely non traditional.  We didn't make a big dinner and ended up not going to anyone elses house either.  My nephew is visiting...and I didn't want to eat too much.  I don't mind talking too much though.  :)

No walking done today for me...I ended up having a rough night.  My nephew woke me up at 3 saying he was I told him to climb in with me.  I thought he would fall back to sleep but neither of did.  I kept telling him to sleep and he kept fidgeting and talking to me.  So when Sheldon woke up this morning he let me sleep in.  (I don't think I have said on this site before...but my husband is definitely a keeper.)  I woke up hearing him bring the kids home and Abby shouting, jennie, jennie.  PRetty funny.

Here is our food outlook...I don't think I forgot anything...though I forgot the Skinny Cow I had last night.  So that is 140 extra calories for yesterday.  But I remembered to add it today.  Also, when I weighed myself again this morning...still at 187.4.  Yeah.  I so want to keep that and keep going down.  Especially because as we were reading nephew used my stomach as a table.  hahahah..

Thursday, November 25th (Thanksgiving


Sausage Sandwich

McDonalds Happy Meal (Cheeseburger) with half diet soda/half dr. pepper
Popcorn  (Still don’t believe them.)

Turkey Sausage
Mashed Cauliflower  Didn’t eat any

Skinny Cow

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wednesday is here...

We are halfway through the week...and I am hoping I can make it through Thanksgiving without too much will help that we aren't having a big dinner.  I don't even know what I am making.  Though I have that huge head of cauliflower in the fridge that I need to use up.

Being mommy to 2 is a lot more work than I thought it would be.....I guess I need to be mommy to 2 with another mommy around.  LOL  My friend and I thought it would be nice to live in a generic commune to always have a fr4iend around when needed.

I did pretty good on calories today...a little higher than I wanted to be.  And I did some exercise but not super is hard to be fast walking with a 5 year old unless you are chasing them down...and yes the 5 year old beat me.  LOL  So did the 2 year old.

I stepped on the scale again this morning...187.4.  So we will see if this nice trend keeps up.  I so want to make my goal of 175 before new I need to be working hard towards my goal.

Wednesday, November 24


Sausage Sandwich

Brie & Pear
Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich
Cookies/Cheese Puffs (baked)

Cheese pizza (no sauce) 1 slice
Air popped popcorn with some butter & salt