Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saturday, November 6th

Sheldon & I have been married for 6 years today.  WOW.  Happy Anniversary, baby.  I actually forgot and I think he did too.  We remembered because when we went to Blockbuster and the sales clerk told us about her recent anniversary.  I said, "Oh, Happy Anniversary, Baby"...and she said thanks.  LOL  I think she missed the baby part. 

Today was a pretty good day  overall.  Abby and I didn't go with Sheldon to the breakfast (which sounded probably a good thing).  Abby wasn't feeling good so we didn't want to get other people sick or her "more" sick.  THen Sheldon went and had a haircut but their credit card machine wasn't working so he came home and we went with him to pay and get some videos and lunch.

Lunch was a lot better than the other day.  LOL  No more footlongs unless it is a veggie and that is borning. Then we came home and watched Toy Story 2.  Abby actually picked out 3 but it was out.  I took a nap while they watched it...then realized, I haven't moved today.  So about 5:30 I went walking.  Then Sheldon & Abby did a short lap with me, and I kept going.  Only 7500 steps today from the walk, but I am glad that I went.

I might come back later but it is my anniversary (though Sheldon is going to grade tests and essays all night) and my family is watching TOy Story, again.  :)  I just wanted to calculate all my food for the day and then since I am a bit over, I thought I better post it and maybe I won't eat anything else. 

Saturday, November 6th (My anniversary.)


Jimmy Dean Lite Sausage Sandwich
Tositos (Need to stop having that…but I want something crunchy in the morning.)

6 inch Subway Roast Beef on Monteray Cheddar (NO CHEESE) with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, olives, cucumbers, yellow mustard
Lays Potato Chips   (that is 10 calories a chip)
Coke Zero


6 Homemade mini cupcakes (that I froze from earlier in the week)
Cream Cheese Frosting (I used 2 oz of lowfat cream cheese 140 C, ½ c powder sugar 140 c and 1 T lowfat yogurt) 12  It made more of a glaze then frosting but I wanted to avoid the butter.  Still tastes good.  Dipped them and let it set.    I figure I will get another batch of minis out of it.  18 total
Late Snack as we went to Blockbuster and Rented videos.
4 C of Microwave Movie Theater Popcorn (2 bowls full)  Not sure if I believe the calorie content on that one.
Coke Zero

Top Sirlon
French Fries/Sweet Potato Fries
Small Corn on the cob with Olive Oil Butter & Salt
Walk (7500 Steps)
Daily Total

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