Friday, November 5, 2010

Energy Bar?

I bought a new Prevention magazine yesterday and was excited to see a recipe for energy bars.  I have made a recipe off of allrecipes before but I was looking for something a little healthier.  The recipe stated that each bar was 77 calories.

So after Abby went to bed and Sheldon began working on his tests, I went to work on creating.  As you see from my previous post....well I didn't do a very low cal job.

The original recipe states for the following:
2 C cereal/grains  chopped
3/4 C nuts chopped
3/4 dried fruit coarsley chopped
2 T flour
1/2 c second nut or fruit or an extra (extras are like coconut/chocolate chips,etc)
1/2 C extra
1/3 c honey or brown sugar
2 large eg whites

So based on these calculations...that is 77 calories a serving...18 total which was less than 1500 calories for the whole recipe.

My recipe is as follows....loosely based as I don't have the exact numbers in front of me.
1 c Irish Oats
1 c Rice Krispies
3/4 c walnuts
2 T sunflower seeds
dried cranberries
dried prunes
chocolate chips
2 egg whites

Mine made 16 servings with each serving being 185 calories which came to almost 3000 calories.

Now to be fair I didn't do a half c of chocolate chips and coconuts...I did 1/3 c each, so it is a little over.  I thought more flavors were better than none.

I am thinking that mine has a lot more fiber than there recipe based on that I used oatmeal. But one of there Cereal options is granola.  So how did mine get to be such higher calories?  Especially when the 1 c rice krispies was only 110 calories.  I probably would have used even more oatmeal if I hadn't run out of it.

So part of this posting is to give you a yummy recipe, but another part is to be aware of prewritten nutrion and go by your own.  Everything adds up fast.

Also, based on using honey instead of brown sugar I had about an extra 90 calories to the dish.
Also, regular oatmeal would have only been 300 calories.

I am guessing that I had the Irish was in my freezer and that is what I remembered buying.  It was no longer in its original box.

What kind of calorie blunders have you done?

PS...I did good.  Only ate 1 bar.  Stuck the rest in the freezer.  Homemade energy bars taste yummy frozen.

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