Thursday, November 18, 2010

Do I love Bacon or What?

I had bacon twice today....a total of 8 slices....a serving is 3 slices with a total of 60 calorie wise it isn't that bad...but what about all the other stuff.....sodium???  Etc.....

Next week, Sheldon and I are going to start on the South Beach Diet.  I need a kick start to start eating healthier and get away a little more from the sugar.  Hopefully it will help and make a difference.

Here is todays calories.... I am not including my exercise right now because I don't feel like I exercised hard enough to make a difference.  SHeldon has a friend who just took a parttime job as a trainer and I want to talk with her about working with me.  She is amazing...she has personally lost 140 pounds and is still ogoing strong.  I know she said she is on a pretty strict diet so I am curious to learn what she is doing.

Oops…forgot the ½ c egg nog…YESTERDAY
170 (Sheldon measured it out for me.
Thursday, November 18th


Pancakes and 4 slices of bacon
Sausage Balls
You can see that I am hungry this morning……Will try not to eat too much else until dinner or a late snack.  This is 755 calories.  (Maybe I better wait to make the muffins & cookies and chocolate covered pretzels until tomorrow.)


No Lunch as I ate so much earlier.  Wasn’t that hungry.

Late Snack

3 chocolate/peanut butter covered pretzels (homemade)  YUMMY

Egg Omelet w/tomatos/cheese/olives
4 Slices Bacon
English Muffin Bread (2 Slices) w/jelly
Exercise Walked with Sheldon & Abby about 2 miles

Decided not to have any eggnog today…half a cup wasn’t enough to do anything.  LOL  Except for add a bunch of calories

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