Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fight over Irish Oats?


Sheldon and I almost got into a fight over irish oats.  He told me they had 150 calories per 1/4 cup and I was in disbelief and didn't believe him.  He was frustrated because he did what I asked him to do.  However, I didn't believe him because I didn't think he did it right.  I didn't believe him because I was flabbergasted at how many extra calories that added to my energy bars that I made.  The version in Prevention magazine only came to 77 calories per bar....based on 18.  Mine after that and other additions came to 185 calories per bar...based on 16.  So a bit of a difference.  But they sure tasted good.

As I "boasted" on FB this morning...I walked 11.5 times around the Statesboro mall this morning. don't get too excited.  :)  Each time was only 700 steps.  So I figure total this morning with going to the store and such I came to a total of 8000 steps.  Then later I put on my pedometer and this evening after going for a short walk with Sheldon & Abby I am now at an additional 6400 steps.   I am feeling pretty good.

For breakfast I had a Jimmy Dean Lite breakfast sandwich.  It satisfied my "fast food" breakfast craving.  Not too healthy of a lunch but okay as I wasn't too hungry.  Then I made english muffin bread.  That turned out nice.  Even Abby was excited.  Before putting her down for a nap I showed it to her as it was rising and she said...yum.  The first thing she asked for after her nap was bread....she probably ate about a sixth of a piece. 

Then for dinner I made chicken stirfry with red peppers/carrots/celery and 2 cups of brown rice.  I only had a 4 oz chicken breast so Sheldon and I shared that.

Here is my daily food journal.  If you notice I had an extra snack last night after putting up my journal.  So, yesterday was the "bad" day.  Today, the "good" day.  :)

+ Late night snack of Gold Fish

Thursday, November 4th


Jimmy Dean’s “Lite” Sausage/Egg English Muffin Sandwich

Cheese Nacho
13 Tortilla chips & ¼ reduced fat cheese

Homemade English Muffin Bread w 2 teaspoons of grape jelly

Chicken Stirfry
4 oz of chicken breast (for 4 servings) rice/red pepper/carrot/celery/sauce/peanuts and 2 % oil

WW Chocolate Raspberry Ice Cream Bar
Homemade “energy” bar
(Yikes…the prevention version only had 77 calories…but I had put a lot of extras—chocolate chips, coconut, sunflower seeds, walnuts,  Irish oats, dates, cranberries.
Food Total
Workout 5471 around house and 2 times around outside
Workout Total @ 8000 Steps at Mall
Workout Daily TOtal
Daily Total

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