Saturday, January 1, 2011

Yeah....I am down to 185.6

Hi, It has been awhile since I have posted.  However, I have lost weight...I kept fluctuating between 182 and 185...and here I am in the new year at 185.  The last month has been a bit hard.  A lot of illness going on.  First I wasn't feeling well and might have gallbladder issues (pretty much no grease for me) and then we got a double whammy cold when grandma and grandpa showed up 2 weeks ago.  I think yesterday was the first day we all started feeling better.

Today, I joined the gym and I actually went and worked out.  I walked for about 45 minutes on the treadmill. 

Here is a modified eating journal.....
Breakfast-Turkey sausage sandwich with microwaved hashbrown.  400
Snack/Lunch-homemade english muffin toast w/butter and cinnamon/sugar ?
Another Snack---4 cookies (Homemade--need to look at the calories)
Dinner---homemade cheeseburger on bun and some baked french fries  ???

That is it so far......oh!!!  Also, had a chocolate covered cherry.  Don't think I had any other chocolate.  We have been doing pretty good at keeping the chocolate out of the house.

I haven't put up a pic lately, so I will find a cute one of me and Abby and post it.  I think you can tell a little that I have lost some weight.