Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday, November 7th

Tomorrow is weigh in and I am a little nervous.  Today wasn't a great last chance workout day.  However, it was a good day to visit with friends.  Sheldon said he never has heard Abby giggle so hard...and of course she only does that when she sees her friend Freeman. 

We left at 8 this morning and didn't get back untill almost 10 tonight.  So it was a lot of eating out and I tried hard to stay within calories....I am actually suprised I didn't go too far over.  However, it probably wasn't the healthiest choices.

Sheldon and I are a bit stressed right now.  Abby's stuffed nose is now running into her throat, so she is choking a bit.  We will be keeping an eye on that and will listen out for her tonight.  We so hate when she doesn't feel good.

Here we are...I think tomorrow I will post my weight with an overview of this week's food.  Easier to look back on if need be.


Sunday, November 7th


Jimmy Dean Lite Sausage Sandwich

Subway Ham Sandwich (all the same stuff but different meat)
½ bag Doritos chips/a few pita chips
McDonald’s Unsweet Tea

2 ½ pieces of Dominos Pepperoni & Olive Pizza (medium
1 C Mint Ice Cream (Julie said it was half but I think closer to a whole)
Exercise (Not much.  I was in the car a lot and we didn’t get a chance to walk.)  1796 steps (More than I thought.)

Daily Total

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