Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday, November 5th

Mommy & Abby hanging out and taking a self portrait together.

Here is my final post for today.  I am feeling pretty good.  I am hoping to use that as part of my reinforcement and not just weight loss....because I don't want to be deterred.  We went to Mellow Mushroom tonight and both Sheldon and I did (kinda) good.  We both drank water, I had a salad, and we shared an appetizer for our main meal a cheese bread muffalata.  That is why I say kinda good.  Who can be good with cheese bread.  Oh by the way, I am totally guessing on the calories of the salad and Mellow Mushroom doesn't give out their calorie/nutrition information.  I found at a couple of sites that a slize of their 10 inch cheese pizza is only 170 calories.  I was thinking that total wasn't too bad, but also that it didn't sound right.  Found a site that gave me a little more insite....they were using the calculations based on 8 slices of pizza, not 4.  Big difference.

I walked this morning, 6800 steps and then after dinner while Sheldon & Abby watched Mickey Mouse clubhouse I bundled up and went for another short walk of 4400 steps.  So I am feeling good about that.  I am noticing that I do better when I just count steps and not "think".  I have been diagnosed borderline ADD and my mind goes crazy all the time.  I originally thought it would be nice to be able to think and exercise.  Maybe focus on what I want to write.  (I am a wanna be writer.)  But all my mind does is think (over and over again) about lossing weight and I worry that if I don't lose then I will obsess over that and not do anything.  That is something I notice about myself, I am a perfectionist but if I cannot be  perfect then I don't want to do it.  I also compare myself to other people...all the time.  I know that I am my only comparison but it is hard to change that.

So this 1,2,3,4 and 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 stuff really helps.  I notice I am more relaxed and I walk a bit farther.  So I will let you know if that continues or not. 

I also have to say, I am so excited for Monday as I want to see if what I have been doing will show up on the scale or not.  Which is hard because tomorrow we are going to a faculty/almuni homecoming breakfast.  So 2 meals out in a row.  Hopefully I will eat sensibly and not over indulge too much.

Friday, November 5th


Spinach/blueberry/banana/yogurt/milk/orange juice smoothie

Snack/Early lunch

Jimmy Dean breakfat sandwich
Late Snack


Mellow Mushroom Salad w/ bacon/cheese/ranch dressing
Cheese bread muffalata w/olives
WW Icecream Bar
Workout (6800 steps)  Morning Walk
Workout (4400 Steps)  Evening Walk
Workout  Total
Daily Total


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