Friday, November 5, 2010

Another Smoothie Recipe?

I know...but they are yummy and I need to remember to use them.  Even though they don't fill my protien craving (I am going to try to add greek yogurt next time), I feel so much better after eating it.  We will see if I can make another 15,000 steps today.  Yep when I pulled of the pedometer before going to bed last night that is where I was at.

I have been making spinach smoothies but I had read that kale is a lot better for you.  So if I can go and find fresh kale, well that is what I will use.

Spinach Smoothie
1 banana (135 calories)
1 c Spinach (10 calories)
1/2 c yogurt (95 calories)
1/4 c milk (35)  I only have whole milk on hand
1/4 c orange joice (27)
1 c  frozen blueberries (70)
2 T chocolate milk mix (30)
a few ice cubes

This came to a total of 402 calories and I actually did 2.5 servings, giving Sheldon a bigger half and then a little left over for Abby.    So each serving is 160 calories.  It makes about 24 ounces total.

The one thing I like about with using the blueberries is that it gives it such a pretty purple color.

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