Sunday, December 5, 2010

Moving on....

It is a continual up and down with trying to exercise and eat right.  I just so wish it got easier.  It feels like one step forward and two steps back--continually.  Abby was sick yesterday and we monitored her eating today, just so we could give her stomach a break.  WOW, was that stressful.  All I felt like doing the last 24 hours was sleep.

We did manage to go and walk around the loop this morning.  Abby tolerated it.  But it did make me feel better.  I should have taken Sheldon's offer up on going around a couple more times by myself. 

Next are a  couple of my goals.
Make my own BLT's.
No eating McDonald's.  (ate there for lunch the other day.)
Exercise.  (We are planning to do our drills tonight.)

Sheldon will be off after Tuesday untill next month.  Hopefully we can workout on working out.  What is nice, is that Abby has 2 weeks left of school.  So we can focus on our relationship for a little bit.

Take care.

I was a bit bummed...I stepped on the scale this morning.  At first it said, 186.7.  I didn't I stepped on it about 5 more times and it said the same thing.  Then 10 minutes later I did it again and it said...189.  LOL  I think the batteries are dieing.  Sheldon will change them out for me tonight.  So tomorrow's weigh in will be what it is.

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